Sunday, November 30, 2008


A little bit about me: I'm in my late 20's, work in fashion, newlywed, I love cooking, hate cleaning, and have lived in NYC for what seems to be years and years now.

I have a great husband who is always hungry, a dog who patiently sits in the kitchen waiting for anything to land to the ground, and friends who are always willing to come at a minutes notice for wine and cheese, or a 3 course meal.

In all these years in NY, my apartment has gotten bigger, but the kitchen has stayed the same size.  There's a reason why New Yorkers are always eating out!  But I've come to terms with it and figured that if you can entertain here, you can do it anywhere.

So here's the idea...a collection of recipes, tips and tricks, and a few horror stories, on my life, living, cooking, and entertaining, in NYC.

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