Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday Night :: 'Le Fooding' comes to NYC!

A. and I were lucky enough to spend Friday night at 'Le Fooding'!!!

Le Fooding is a french culinary movement where fine dining restaurants and top chefs present their creations in a casual setting...a picnic! It started as an underground movement to promote creativity and freedom from convention, but now is now a widespread cultural event. A yearly restaurant guide is now published. This year is the first time Le Fooding is taking over NYC!

A food tasting of Paris and NY's top chefs, comfy lounge chairs, great music, and champagne... all at PS1 (the MOMA's contemporary art center in Queens which has a great outdoor space).

Oh, and all proceeds went to Action Against Hunger. A great evening all round!

On the menu?
- Grilled Chicken Necks with Yuzu Marinade (Wylie Dufresne, WD-50) ...amazing taste, although I admit it was a little hard for me to get past the 'neck bones' texture
- BBQ Sirloin Steak (Brigarrade, Paris) favorite!
- Bo Saam (David Chang, Momofuku, NY)
- Chicken Casseroles with Tapioca (Le Comptoir Du Relais, Paris)
- Fried Corn with Scallops (Sean Rembold, Diner, Brooklyn)
- Lemongrass Pork Ribs (Ze Kitchen Gallerie, Paris)
- a delicious cheese selection & breads from Balthazar

...all with Veuve Clicquot Champagne!

For dessert? The most delicious ice cream I've had in a while! Bourbon Vanilla Bean and Salted Hazelnut from Greene Ice Cream in Brooklyn... I of course, had to try both! :-)

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