Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Midnight Craving :: Magnolia's Key Lime Cheesecake

Whenever I tell anybody outside of NY we live in the West Village,  the first thing that comes up is: Magnolia Bakery.  

ME:  "We live downtown, on the west side... the west village"

FRIEND NOT IN NYC: "...of course! right next to Magnolia? You must eat cupcakes every night!"

Well, I'll be honest... I'm not a huge cupcake fan.  :-(  Birthday cake: yes, but cupcakes: not so much.  Secondly, if you ask most New Yorkers, and most West Village-ites for that matter, they'll tell you there are better place in NYC to go for a good cupcake.   For example: Sugar Sweet Sunshine (plus they deliver!).  Yes, it's true... a lot of West Villagers Magnolia neighbors get their cupcakes from the Lower East Side.

But there are a couple of things worth waiting in line at Magnolia.  Oh and yes, I have even waited in line in the rain. 

One being their banana pudding... yummy goodness all in a to-go container.  

But my favorite? Magnolia's Key Lime Cheesecake!!!  

There are no words to describe the creamy, whipped topping, and the tangy key lime curd, all on a thin, buttery graham cracker crust! ...well I guess those are a few words.  :-) But, plain and simple: it's delicious.  

So that's what I'm planning on doing on my way home tomorrow: waiting in line! :-)

PS: In one of my favorite NYC moments, last summer we came across two small boys who had set up shop outside Magnolia selling funfetti cupcakes for $1 right next to the long line of cupcake-obsessed tourists.  Funfetti cupcakes? Genius, that's something I'll stand in line for! 
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