Monday, August 24, 2009

NYC Herb Garden :: Basil, Oregano, and Chives

I was VERY excited when A. got me a small herb garden back in June!  I'd been talking about getting indoor herbs for months.  I buy herbs every week and have a hard time using them all before they spoil.  So I wanted a little garden that I could reach over to and cut a few leaves of basil when I needed them.   Something that would grow in our city apartment.

Then, one day, there it was... my little plot of land! All in a box: 3 ceramic pots, a big bag of dirt, and 3 seed packets.

I'll be honest though, I love flowers, but I've never had a plant.  Could I really take care of this little garden... actually... would I even get it to grow? ...Well, it did! I planted the seeds, added water, and covered each pot in plastic wrap for a week (imagine mini greenhouses).  Then it started to sprout! I have since watered it every day and even rotate the jars every few days (I realized the basil was growing much faster and shadowing the oregano).

Today was my first harvest: Fresh basil, oregano, and chives!  I can hardly believe it - here are a few pics of the two month process: from little sprouts to cut herbs.  Lots of recipes to follow. :-)

PS: I'm hoping to see the Edible Garden exhibit at the Botanical Gardens this weekend!

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