Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sneak Peak :: A to Z - Gourmet Magazine

Did you get next month's Gourmet Magazine yet??? I'm in love!  The pictures are beautiful, and the recipes so tempting.

The idea is "A to Z",  recipes with an ingredient from every letter of the alphabet.  My favorite? "P": Provolone Popovers, Peppercorn Roasted Pork, Peach Prosecco Spritzers, and Poppy Seed Pound Cake w/Plum Compote!

A. had already folded the page to his favorite when I got home tonight from french class. "L": Lebanese Lamb Chops w/Lemony Lettuce.  For dessert - "U": Sorbetto de Uva (Concord grapes).  

I can't wait to get cooking... well, the sorbet will have to wait till I get an ice cream maker.

Enjoy a sneak peak...  bisou, bisou! :-)

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