Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Friday :: Union Sqaure Farmer's Market

I took a trip this afternoon to one of my favorite places in New York: the Union Square Farmer's Market!  The market is open year-round but Spring and Summer is when it's most bustling.  You'll find anything from vegetables and fruits, to local NY state wines, to preserves and pickles.

Most vendors are happy to let you sample their offerings which makes for an entertaining trip any day.  For me, it's a great way to cook with delicious seasonal ingredients.

Among my favorites today was the cheese from Dancing Ewe Farm . Their tuscan style, hand-crafted cheeses supply restaurants like Babbo and Daniel - yum! I also fell in love with their packaging, they wrapped my pecorino in brightly illustrated paper, with a black ribbon, and label (what a great hostess gift!).

I stocked up on fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, and beautiful flowers for the weekend:
-Peaches (delicious...I couldn't resist and ate one on my walk home!)
-Heirloom tomatoes
-Basil and Cilantro 
-Pecorino from Dancing Ewe Farm 
-Fresh cow's milk ricotta from Dancing Ewe Farm
-Beef Jerkey
-Crimini mushrooms

Lots of cooking to come, stay tuned!

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