Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tea for Two:: Peach Iced Tea

I tried this on Friday when my friend E. stopped by for afternoon tea and cookies. I had peaches from our local farm share and thought they'd be perfect in iced tea! 

It was so refreshing that I made more today. I brewed it before A. and I went to the gym this afternoon, this was the perfect treat to have waiting at home! 

brew 4 cups of tea (I like Kusmi English Breakfast)
add 1 peach cut into slices. 

Allow the tea to cool in fridge, and serve with lots of ice. I don't think it needs sugar, because the peaches are so sweet now.  The best part is eating the slices at the bottom of the glass.  Enjoy!

PS: In LOVE with my new Duralex Picardie glasses! They are the classic glassware of french cafes/bistros created in 1927. Read more about them here and here.  I found them at Chelsea Market this weekend.  Oh, and they are resistant! We already dropped one. Oops. But, it just bounced back, no scratches!  

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